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4th to 13th November 2016

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The Delphic Games -
The Worldwide Dialogue of Cultures.

Delphi, Greece

In ancient times, the Greek city of Delphi, together with the Oracle and the Temple of Apollo, was the spiritual centre of the world as it was then. But it was the Delphic Games that took place in the city that were so valuable for modern times.

In ancient Greece the Oracle of Delphi was situated on the edge of the Parnassos mountain range. As early as the 15th century B.C. It was already considered a holy place. People consulted the Oracle to obtain advice from the Gods to help them make crucial decisions.

According to the saga, Apollo claimed the oracle for himself by killing its keeper, the dragon Python. The Oracle became the shrine of Apollo.

After defeating Python, Apollo left Olympia, the seat of the gods, for eight years in voluntary exile to atone for his crime. He did penance in Thessaly as a simple shepherd for the king Admetus.

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Announcing registrations to Compete, Present and Exhibit in the Youth Delphic Games 2016!

Calling all the originals, free-spirits and creatively inclined individuals & groups from around the world between ages of 15 to 28, to register for the upcoming Youth Delphic Games 2016 in Goa, INDIA from the 28th February 2016. Participation is through online applications only and subject to rules and regulations of the Games.

Delphic Art Wall

The 5th Youth Delphic Games in association with educational institutions around the globe has initiated The 'Delphic Art Wall' Project, a one-of-its-kind, interactive Art Wall campaign for young individuals to express themselves through the medium of art. This campaign aims to create a longest Art Wall in the world to send out the message of ’Sanctity and Scarcity’ of water - the basis of human life. We invite educational institutions to participate in same. Click Here

Castalian Springs Ceremony

The countdown has begun for the much awaited 5th Youth Delphic Games 2016 to be held in Goa as Ms. Sarika Baheti (Member, YDGOC) recently attended the water fetching ritual from the holy Castalian Springs at Delphi, Greece on the 8th of September 2015. The water will travel to destinations around the World before being handed over to the host, Goa, India.

Goa Tourism supports 5th YDG through International roadshows.

The Goa Tourism Development Corporation is participating in tourism and travel fairs accross the biggest markets in the world and is supporting the 5th YDG 2016 through these events. The roadshow has coverd Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, London and North America so far with more to go over the next few months. This is generated good visibility and great interest from visitors and the travel trade.

5th Youth Delphic Games - Destination Goa

Olympic Games connect people through sports and games, Delphic Games connects people from various origins through Art & Culture

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